Finance Management

Employ blockchain for speedy processing time and lowered transaction costs


The worlds' commerce growth is at high threat with multiple risks and uncertainties like payment & delivery delays, process overheads, etc. However with substantial benefits of blockchain the trade finance industry can see impact on authentic delivery & payment process and transparent asset movement. Overall outcome will be increase in alliance, automation and transactions.

Blockchain masters like Colan Infotech can disrupt entire business model within your organization by deploying radical
attributes in your financial operations

Expense Management

Can audit trail for every single money
spent with higher transparency

Financial Audit

Daily audit is possible by erradicating old
method of quarterly/annual audits


Can perform robotic remittances, decreases vendor currency transformation cycle & assist successful vendor management.

Accounting Process

Vendors can perceive requisition plea instantly using smart contracts by reducing processing time with increased security

Colan Infotech's blockchain solution to your finance domain can bring benefits in,

Budgeting & Forecasting


Financial Audits

Vendor management

Managing shareholders

Why don’t we go forward to increase your revenue

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