Identity management

Exploit unauthorised users over your data with blockchain.


Fraudulent activities are still at its peak in some industries and blockchain is here to logically manage & confirm identities, thereby terminating abrupt operations. In present world of internet it is critical to set up one's identity and personal details stagnated somewhere in the web. With blockchain distinctive information are carried along with users.

Colan Infotech does offer potential blockchain based identity management solutions. With our methodology you will be
able to segregate which data can be accessed by whom. Our blockchain solution can help you with

Secured & decentralized identity networks

Building apps that works diversely in identity network without leaving any trace on internet

Adopting to identity networks by vandalizing obstacles

Our identity management solution can be useful in

Digital identity


Data management

Financial transactions

Audit trails

Colan Infotech's blockchain specialist’s approach in creating identity solution lets you meet up fast stride change in seamless
industries that are desperate to solve security vulnerabilities by storing data in centralized location providing accurate
transaction history and help identifying forbidden access. Our identity management solution can be useful in

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